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Bee appreciation picture post.

These friends were busy. Without their help, we probably would have had to manually pollenate our zucchini. This flower had bees going back and forth. There were 6 crammed inside at one point!

Animals doing their thing without being exploited?? How can this bee?????

I love watching bees around the garden, as well as other little animals. It’s so rewarding and fascinating sharing your garden with various little invertebrates, just seeing them do their thing.
And people seem to think there’s no way of living without exploiting or harming them.

My life in the real world

Hello all you beautiful people! How is everyone’s day/night going so far? Maybe some of you noticed that I disappeared from the Tumblr life about two months ago, but I’m back😀 Can’t say I will be on every day but I’m setting a goal to go on at least a couple times a week from now on.
Where have I been, you asked? Well I moved from Minnesota, USA across the country to Oregon and have been participating in a Permaculture Immersion
Internship at a small intentional community. Permaculture is all about how we can best mimic nature to meet our needs and the needs of the earth. I’ve learned so much here about myself, community, veganism, spirituality, and sustainability and I feel so so blessed to have access to this knowledge. More posts to come about solar showers, compost toilets, food forests, bike powered washing machines and lots more.
Thank you for reading lol I missed you all so much and I’m so happy to be back. Showering you lovely beings of light in peace, harmony and love!
Many blessings,
Aubs ✌💚☺



Alejandro Jodorowsky

This made me tear up. wow. I was crying actual tears to my therapist the other day trying to explain it to her. Money is a horrid, horrid thing and it’s only killing us further.